Dr. Justin(Dr. Justin Lee)

- Goji Studios Director of Sport & Science

- Committee member of the Hong Kong Society of Sports Medicine and Science and member of the Physical Fitness Committee

- American Strength and Fitness Association approved fitness experts and registered fitness coaches

•Completed Sports Science and Training in Australia

•Master of Sports Science and Doctor of Philosophy from The Chinese University of Hong Kong

•As a guest lecturer in 3 local universities for more than 10 years, focusing on teaching physical training, team training, exercise prescription and exercise physiology Guest Lecturer, focus in teaching Fitness training, team training & Exercise Prescription

•Trained elite athletes and professional football players for more than 10 years, and won multiple Super League Championships

•Holds more than 20 internationally recognized professional sports training and fitness coach qualifications/ certificates

•Main lecturer of the American Physical Fitness Specialist and the Australian Sports Injury Protector Certificate Course

•Chief Coach of Stick Mobility, RAD Mobility

IG: @drjustinnovation