About Us

About Sportsoho

Sportsoho shoulders the mission to promote a positive lifestyle and attitude in Hong Kong. We uphold principles of healthy living and committed bringing joy, excitement and spread positive thoughts to the community. Sportsoho is more than just a magazine. Through different kinds of sports events, the website, social media, sports photography and Sportunes, we gather and share information on sports and lifestyle.

Over the past decade, Sportsoho does not only discover the possibilities to the Magazine and the industry but organize a lot more innovative and diverse sports activities. Sport-lovers have no doubt bringing contribution to our community which encourages us to promote sports development and cast good influences to Hong Kong.

As a key sports event of the year, SportsExpo provides an occasion that gathers sport-lovers. Sportsoho would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for supporting us and share the passion in life. All your supports and corrections are the motivation to make SportsExpo a success.