Water Trains Core

Using the unsteadiness of water flow, Water Weight Training strengthens core muscles to maintain balance and regain stability. Finish a set of simple core exercise with SIXPAD Water Weight and boost the training quantity with either sponsored SIXPAD TrainingSuitArm (Price $660) or SIXPAD TrainingSuitTight (Price $1,190). It is the best workout for sweating. Join the class to challenge your limit!

Water Trains Core

Workshop Details

Date and time:
(Advance) 16/8/2019 (Friday): 18:00 – 18:40
(Beginner) 17/8/2019 (Saturday): 19:00 – 19:40
(Advance) 18/8/2019 (Sunday): 17:00 – 17:40
Venue: 3/F, Mini Stage, Star Hall, Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre (KITEC)
Target: Sports enthusiast aged 18 or above
Fee: (Beginner) HKD$200; (Advance) HKD$400
Quota: 15ppl / class
Instructor: Ian
Souvenir: SIXPAD Training Suit Arm (Beginner)/SIXPAD Training Suit Tight (Advance)

SIXPAD Training Suit Arm
SIXPAD Training Suit Tight


Instructor Introduction



With a decade of experience in being a personal trainer and the sports therapist for South china Athletic Association, Ian is passionate and well-experienced in guiding physical fitness. He has been exploring for more innovative teaching methods which matches with EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation), hopefully to create the friendliest and original training plan for all.

*SportsExpo 2019 Entry Ticket has been included in the admission fee.

Teams & Conditions

  1. The Organizers reserve the right of limit and refuses any enrolment.
  2. Participants are advised to arrange their own insurance cover.
  3. The Organizers reserve the right to contact participants for information regarding their enrolment.
  4. Participants aged under 18 years old on the date of entry required their parent or guardian’s consent for their participation and their parents should have read the terms and condition on their behalf.
  5. The Organizers reserve the rights to refuse any entry to participate for any inappropriate behaviour. 
  6. Participants must ensure that they are physically fit to join the event. Participants should read the terms and condition on their behalf.
  7. The Organizers reserve the rights to refuse any entry to participate for improper sportswear.
  8. The organizer reserves the right to pursue compensation for the damage caused to the event equipment/facilities due to improper use of the participants.
  9. Participants are required to take care of their personal property during the event. The organizer is not responsible for any loss incurred from their participation in the workshop.
  10. Organizer reserves the rights to cancel, change or delay the activity on-site due to the adverse weather condition. 
  11. All matters and disputes are subject to the final decision of the organizers.
  12. In the event of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of these Terms & Conditions, the Chinese version shall prevail.


Phone: +852 2117 1650
Fax: +852 2117 0023
Email: expoworkshop@sportsoho.com
Website: https://expo.sportsoho.com

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