7/9/2022 「Sportsoho Flash Rider Cup 1st Station」Race Map (more information)

7/9/2022 「Sportsoho Flash Rider Cup 1st Station」Race Timetable (more information)

7/9/2022 「Sportsoho Flash Rider Cup 1st Station」Race Schedule (more information)

7/9/2022 「Sportsoho Flash Rider Cup 1st Station」Race Ranking Remark (more information)

3/9/2022 Event Notice sent to participants

Event Information

Event Date

10th to 12th September, 2022 (Saturday to Monday)


SportsExpo 2022 - Action Zone (Hall 5FG, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre)

Event Type

Balance Bike Competition


* Schedule is for reference only. It is subject to change depending on the number of participants.
* Participants should arrive 15 minutes before the reporting time. Participants are not allowed to participate after the competition starts and will be judged as DNS (Did Not Start), in which an additional match will not be arranged for the participant.
# An additional admission ticket to enter the "SportsExpo 2022" can be purchased at a special price of HK$20.
# A free admission ticket can be redeemed at the on-site ticket admission office for participants aged 12 or below, 60 or above, or a holder of a valid "Registration Card for Persons with Disabilities" issued by the HKSAR Government.


First come first serves


  • Racing Bib
  • Portable Electrical Fan
  • E-certificate of Completion (Participant can apply the additional Certificate of Completion at HK$35)


Champion, 1st runner up, 2nd runner up, and 3rd runner up for each category.

Competition System

  • Participants from all categories will have to compete in the format of preliminary rounds, repechage and finals.
  • The quota from the preliminary rounds and repechage will depend on the number of participants in the event.
  • All categories will compete in "criterium" and must complete 2 laps.
  • After all participants complete all laps, the results will be based on the order of the participants when crossing the finishing line.

Competition Rules

  • Rules and regulations set by the “Race Organising Committee” will be used.
  • Participants should check the event schedule and reporting time before the event.
  • Participants should report at their specified report time and must bring their ID Document Confirmation when collecting their racing bib. If participants fail to register at their reporting time, participants will be count as disqualified and the enrollment fee will not be refunded. Please note that non-participants are not allowed to substitute any participant's place.
  • All participants must prepare a pedal-less balance bike with a wheel diameter (any brand) of 12-inches or below, a helmet, and protective gears.
  • All participants must wear helmets and protective gear when entering the racing track.
  • All participants must wear appropriate clothing and footwear (trainers that can protect the ankle).
  • To minimise the risk of accidents and injuries, only participants and staff members can stay on the racing track. Otherwise, please stay in the safety area to avoid obstruction of the race.
  • All participants must complete the competition without any assistance.
  • Participants that left the race track will be judged as DNF (Did Not Finish), in which the participant will be disqualified.
  • Staff members will record all categories' results based on the time that the participant crossed the finishing line. If necessary, participants can appeal to the "Race Organising Committee" right after they complete the race.
  • The "Race Organising Committee" reserves the right to any final decisions regarding the rules and regulations of the race. For any event temporary changes or cancellations, the "Race Organising Committee" will update the latest information via the event website.

Competition Equipment:

  • Participants must wear a helmet.
  • Participants are required to prepare any protective gear for safety needs.
  • Participants must wear appropriate clothing and footwear.

Important Notes


  • Participants, parents and legal guardians must read the rules and regulations below. Once the participant has submitted the application, the participant then confirms and agrees to all the terms and conditions and the arrangement made by the organiser.
  • The enrollment fee is non-refundable and non-transferable once the participant submits the application.
  • A confirmation email will be sent within 3 working days after the participant successfully enrolled. If the participant didn't receive any email, please contact us via email at or call us (852) 2117 1650.
  • Participants that submitted more than one application will only count as a single application. The additional enrollment fee will be non-refundable, and the application cannot be transferred to another applicant or competition.

Event Information

  • Participants will be notified via email about event information and admission arrangements one week before the competition starts.
  • Participants should bring a copy of the confirmation email (printed or e-version) upon arriving at their designated reporting time.

Health and Safety Advice

  • Participants must ensure that they are physically fit and suitable to compete. If necessary, please consult a doctor as soon as possible.
  • Participants should be aware of and understand the risks when participating in the competition, as it requires physical exertion. Participants must be responsible for their health if they are suitable to participate. The organiser suggests that all participants must be aware of their health throughout the competition. If the participant isn't feeling well during the match, they are to stop competing immediately and seek help from the on-site staff members.
  • The organiser reserves the right to stop and disqualify participants from competing if they're suspected to be physically unfit.
  • Public Liability Insurance is covered by the organiser of the event. Participants are also advised to purchase insurance for their safety.

Pandemic Prevention Measures

  • Participants aged 12 or below must have a valid vaccination record; it can be shown from either the "LeaveHomeSafe", "iAM Smart", or "eHealth" mobile apps, or the QR code of "COVID-19 Vaccination Medical Exemption Certificate" as proof when entering the venue.
  • Participants aged 16 must scan the QR code from the "LeaveHomeSafe" app when entering the venue. Participants under 16 that an adult accompanies do not have to use the "LeaveHomeSafe" app or fill in their details on the form, but the adult must ensure they follow the rules and regulations issued by the HKSAR Government. If participants aged 65 or above who wish to enter the venue cannot use the "LeaveHomeSafe" app, they must fill in their details on the registration form.
  • Temperature checks will be conducted before entering the venue. If participants exceed 38℃, they will not be allowed to enter the venue.
  • Face masks must be worn at all times.
  • Hand sanitisers and disinfected mats will be provided at the venue.
  • Participants are not allowed to enter the venue if:
    • He/she is under mandatory quarantine or is a close contact
    • He/she is a close contact of a confirmed case in the past 21 days before the event
    • He/she has a travel history in the past 30 days before the event
  • Participants and spectators, except participants competing and staff members, are required to strictly follow the prevention and control measures issued by the HKSAR Government under regulations, Cap. 599G Prevention and Control of Disease (Prohibition on Gathering) Regulation and Cap. 599I Prevention and Control of Disease (Wearing of Mask) Regulation. All participants and spectators in the venue must maintain social distancing.
  • Latest arrangements will be made according to the HKSAR Government's pandemic prevention measures. Please note that participants will be notified via email.

Severe Weather Warnings

A day before the event (9th September 2022)

The event will be cancelled if Black Rainstorm Signal or Typhoon No. 8 is hoisted on or after 4pm.

On the day of the event (10th September 2022)

The event will be cancelled if Black Rainstorm Signal or Typhoon No. 8 is hoisted on or after 6am.

  • If the event is cancelled due to severe weather, the enrollment fee will not be refunded.
  • The organiser reserves the right to make changes, cancel or stop the event due to severe weather, in which the enrollment fee will not be refunded.
  • Participants are recommended to check the weather from Hong Kong Observatory on the day of the competition (Tel: 1878200).
  • Please stay tuned for the latest news that will be updated via the "SportsExpo 2022" Facebook page (


  • Latest COVID-19 or venue arrangements will be announced via our event website or "SportsExpo 2022" Facebook page.
  • Participants should contact on-site staff members if they have any further enquiries.
  • All prizes are not redeemable for cash.
  • The organiser reserves the right to amend or clarify any competition rules and regulations.

Contact Us

Tel: 2117 1650