#ShootAction Sports Photography Competition 2019

As the largest platform of sports photography, Sportsoho is committed to promote photo shooting of sports in Hong Kong. Spot the Sports, a well-known photography community of Sportsoho has gathered over 2000 photographers. The annual sports photography competition at SportsExpo will expand its scale this year to share the amusement with the public.

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Sports photos with persons, action and close-up.
Entries will be classified into 5 categories:

  1. Running (including track & trail)
  2. Ball Games (including all ball games, excluding water polo)
  3. Water Sports (all water sports, including water polo)
  4. Outdoor Sports Activities (all outdoor sports activities, except running and ball games)
  5. Indoor Sports Activities (all indoor sports activities, except running and ball games)

Persons: Action, Close-up, Characteristics etc.
Action: Action of athletes
Close-up: All happenings in competitions and at the sports grounds, including audience, atmosphere etc.

Shooting Time:

Entries must be taken on or after 1st August 2018

Submission Period:

14th June – 23rd July 2019

Online Public Voting Period (Popularity Award)

26th July – 8th August 2019

Voting Period at SportsExpo (My Favourite Sports Photography)

16th – 18th August 2019

Application Method

  1. Entrants need to upload the entries to www.expo.sportsoho.com/en/form/shootaction within 14th June to 23rd July.
  2. The deadline for submission of entries is 23rd July 2019, 14:00 (according to the time of the Organizer). Late submission will not be entertained.
  3. Upon successful submission, notification email will be sent to entrant.


  1. Entrants have to be residents of Hong Kong. Entrants aged under 18 years old on the date of entry required their parent or guardian’s consent for their participation and their parents should have read the terms and condition on their behalf.
  2. Employees and family members of the Organizer, Judges and any related companies may not enter the Competition.


  • #ShootAction Award
    Judges will choose the Champion, the 1st runner-up and the 2nd runner-up. Prizes as below:
    • Champion: Sony α7M3K mount Interchangeable-lens camera + 28-70 mm zoom lens (HK$17,490) x1
    • 1st Runner up: Sony α6400L E-mount Interchangeable-lens camera + 16-50 mm power zoom lens (HK$ 8,290) x1
    • 2nd Runner up: Sony FDR – X3000R 4K Action Cam with Wifi and GPS (HK$4,280) x1
    • Souvenir will be awarded to all of the prize winners
    Sony A7M3K 可換鏡頭數碼相機
    Champion: Sony α7M3K mount Interchangeable-lens camera + 28-70 mm zoom lens (HK$17,490)
    Sony α6400L 可換鏡頭數碼相機
    1st Runner up: Sony α6400L E-mount Interchangeable-lens camera + 16-50 mm power zoom lens (HK$ 8,290)
    Sony FDR – X3000R 4K Action Cam主機 + 實時取景遙控套裝
    2nd Runner up: Sony FDR – X3000R 4K Action Cam with Wifi and GPS (HK$4,280)
  • Most Eye Catching Award
    The winner will be selected by Sony Hong Kong, with α6400L E-mount Interchangeable-lens camera + 16-50 mm power zoom lens (HK$ 8,290)
    Sony α6400L 可換鏡頭數碼相機
  • Best Expression Award
    The winner will be selected by Sony Hong Kong, with RX0M2G premium tiny tough camera + shooting grip kit (without microphone) (HK$5,890) x1
    Sony RX0MG超輕巧相機
  • Category Award
    Outstanding entries will be selected by the judges (three from each category). Winners will be awarded online voucher from Sony Store, Online (value HK$500) and a souvenir.
  • Popularity Award
    The public will vote for their favourite photo. The three photos with highest votes will win the prize. Winners will be awarded online voucher from Sony Store, Online (value HK$500) and a souvenir.
  • Sony Gallery Special Award
    Outstanding three images will be selected by Sony Hong Kong from Sony Gallery at SportsExpo2019. Winners will be awarded online voucher from Sony Store, Online (value HK$500).
  • My Favourite Sports Photography Award
    Entries will be displaying at SportsExpo2019 (16-18/8/2019). Visitors of SportsExpo will vote for “My Favourite Sports Photography Award” onsite. The three entries with highest votes will win the prize. Winners will be awarded online voucher from Sony Store, Online (value HK$500).

Professional Judges

Vice President of Hong Kong Press Photographers Association   Mr. ChanYik Chiu
Professional Sports Photographer   Mr. Brian Ching
Photographer of Sportsoho   Mr. Conrad Yu
(in no particular order)


Special thanks to Sony Hong Kong for sponsoring prizes for the Competition, and the judge from Hong Kong Press Photographers Association.


Judges select “#ShootAction Award” from all eligible entries according to below criteria (“judging criteria”): (1) Creativity, (2) Technique, (3) Content.
Winners will be notified individually by email. Results will be announced on this website on 16th August 2019. (Result of “My Favourite Sports Photography Award” will be announced on 18th August 2019)


  1. Each entrant can submit 5 photos at most for “#ShootAction Award“ & “Category Award” ; Entrants are required to choose 1 photo (within the 5 entries) for “Popularity Award“ ; All photos taken by Sony cameras will be competing for “Sony Gallery Speical Award “ after submission.
  2. Entrants are not allowed to make any changes to all entries and the related information.
  3. Each entrant will only be entitled one award at each category (except for Sony Gallery), based on the highest entitlement at the category.
  4. Both black and white or colour photos are welcome.
  5. Photos can be cropped, however, either adding or removing objects on the photos are not accepted.
  6. Only minor digital manipulation is accepted. For instance, colour temperature, exposure, contrast, dodging, burning, colour saturation etc. could be adjusted. However, other special effects such as solarization, mezzotint, duotone, motion blur or high dynamic range image will not be accepted.
  7. Photos with multi-exposure are accepted, except synthetic works through computer processing. Award winning photos with multi-exposure must provide raw file or film for proof. 
  8. All submission must be at least 500,000 pixels, within 5 – 10 megabytes, aspect ratio 3 to 2, and must be in JPEG format. Please prepare scanned digital files if photos are taken by films. 
  9. The title of the entries should be the same with the file name. (E.g. If the title is “I love Football”, please rename the file as “I love Football” before uploading.)
  10. The winners might be asked to submit a high-resolution file before the official announcement of the final results. Please keep all data from EXIF of the submitted photos. The organization reserves the right to disqualify any winners who are not able to submit the original photo. 
  11. Any late submission will not be entertained.
  12. Decisions of the judges are final and binding on all parties concerned, and shall not be disputed or appealed. 

Terms and Conditions

  1. Upon submission of entries, the entrants are confirming that the submissions do not breach any law of Hong Kong regarding the legality of entering the Competition. The Organizer and Sponsor will not be responsible for any entrant entering the Competition unlawfully or otherwise in breach of Hong Kong law. 
  2. Synthesized entries confirmed by the jury will be disqualified.
  3. Entries should be original photographs taken by the entrant, in which they own all rights; the Organizer does not have any legal responsibility of the copyright and image rights.
  4. Content of photographs cannot involve illegal, obscene, indecent, defamatory, threatening, pornographic, harassing a person to hatred or anxiety, offensive, racism or ethnic discrimination, advocating as a criminal behavior, lead to civil or criminal liability, violate any laws, rules, or improper information. 
  5. The Organizer can request the winners to provide identification proof for verification.
  6. All entrants agree the organization to use their entries for the purpose of promotion and publicity. The entrants grant the Organizer and any party authorized by the Organizer an irrevocable, worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free right and license to use any material submitted as a part of their entry into the Competition in any manner, for any purpose the Organizer may see fit, in all forms of media now known or hereafter invented, waive any moral rights or similar rights they may have in the works or any part thereof throughout the world; and undertake not to object to any use of the works by the Organizer or any party authorized by the Organizer.
  7. The Organizer reserves the right to interpret and amend the rules and regulations, as well as the final decision of all activities arrangements, including assessment, awards and other relevant arrangements, entrants may not dissent. Any changes of the Competition or the letter of the assessment results will not be accepted.
  8. All entrants are referred to voluntary participate in this Competition, and agree to comply with all the arrangements and decisions by the Organizer. The entrants agreed that the Organizer (and / or any Organizer authorized third party) to use entrants ‘s name without compensated. 
  9. The Organizer will not bear any compensation and responsibility for any damage or loss during the photos submission process. The Organizer retains the right to cancel the award eligibility of the entries which refused to be requisitioned.
  10. Any changes of the prizes will be final and binding upon every entrant in the Competition. The winners must accept their prize(s) in the form provided by the sponsor. Prizes are non-negotiable, non-transferable, non-refundable and not exchangeable for cash credit or kind, either in part or in full except at the sole and absolute discretion of the Organizer. The prize(s) cannot be sold or bartered. There is no refund for any partially used prize(s). The Organizer reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to deal with any unclaimed prize(s) in any manner. The Organizer shall not be liable in any way for any failure or breach by any party about the Competition and/or prize(s) and accepts no responsibility for any loss suffered by an entrant arising from the Competition or prize(s). In all cases the Organizer will not be held liable if any prize(s) does not reach any winner for reasons beyond the Organizer’s control.
  11. Each entrant, by entering the Competition, expressly releases the Organizer from any claim, action or demand arising out of or about the Competition or their prize(s), if any. In particular, each entrant acknowledges that elements of the prize(s) may be provided by third parties over whom the Organizer has no control, and acknowledges that the Organizer has no responsibility or liability for any costs, losses or damages resulting from any factors beyond the reasonable control of the Organizer.
  12. The Organizer shall not assume any responsibility for incorrect or inaccurate capture of entrants’ information. This will include but is not limited to technical malfunctions, human or technical error, seeding or printing errors, lost/delayed/garbled data or transmissions, omission, interruption, deletion, defect or failures of: any telephone or computer line or network, computer equipment, software or any combination thereof.
  13. The Organizer reserve the right to refuse any entry to participate without explanation.
  14. The Organizer reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to terminate or disqualify any entrant’s entry for the Competition or reclaim any prize(s) at any time if it is the opinion of the Organizer that there has been a breach of any of the Terms by such entrant (whether discovered during or after the end of the Competition).
  15. Entrants shall indemnify the Organizer, its agents, employees, representatives, associates, affiliates, parent and subsidiary companies against any and all claims, losses, costs, damages, liability and/or expenses arising out of the entrant’s breach of any of the Terms.
  16. The Organizer’s decision regarding all aspects of the Competition is final and binding on all parties concerned.
  17. The law applicable to the Terms is the law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (the HKSAR) and the courts of the HKSAR will have exclusive jurisdiction in case of any dispute arising out of or in relation to the Competition.

Personal Information Collection Statement

Provision of personal data is strictly confidential, and is only for the procession of this Competition.


Tel: 2117–1650
Email: expo@sportsoho.com