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The Real Sports Expo - The Sporting Campus

It’s time to back to the Sporting Campus! SportsExpo 2021 encourages sports lovers to adapt lifelong learning in sports and offer a special sports day to visitors. We believe there is unlimited sports knowledge for sports lovers to learn and explore, regardless of age or ability.

This year, we are explaining sports myths in fun & professional ways, offering different new sports trial, adding in science & academic elements to help you understand sports in different perspectives, encouraging you to enjoy sports through diversified activities, challenging your limits through sports trial, exhibitors’ activities, analysis & recommendations etc.

Don’t miss the 9th SportsExpo from 13th – 15th August at Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre (KITEC) this summer!

This year’s highlights:

  • Dance in Steps Dance Contest 2021
  • Free Trial of a Variety of Sports
  • Different Types of Workout Workshop
  • On-site Mini Competition
  • Booths with Discounted Products & Health Tests
  • Free Seminar about Sports Science and Health
  • Kai Tak Sports Park Sports Photography Competition
  • Sharing Session by Well-Known Athletes
  • Stage Programme


About Sportsoho

Sports is a game about persistent and breakthrough. As a sports media, Sportsoho shoulder the mission to promote a positive lifestyle and attitude in Hong Kong. Sportsoho is more than just a magazine. Through different kinds of sports events, the website, social media, sports photography , Sportunes and Sportunes Live, we gather and share information on sports and lifestyle.

Over the past decade, Sportsoho does not only discover possibilities to the Magazine and the industry, but organize a lot more innovative and diversify sports activities. Sport-lovers have no doubt bringing contribution to our community which encourage us to promote sports development and cast good influences to Hong Kong. In the future, Sportsoho will continue to promote sports development wholeheartedly.

As a key sports event of the year, SportsExpo hopes to act as a party with the largest scale that gathers sport-lovers. Sportsoho would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for supporting us and share the passion in life. All your support and corrections are the motivation to make SportsExpo a success.